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Who we are


Lipid Tools is developed and maintained by Rens Reeskamp and Nick Nurmohamed. Rens is currently working as an internist in training at the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam and obtained his PhD at the Department of Vascular Medicine of Amsterdam UMC. Nick is currently a PhD candidate at the same department and at the Department of Cardiology of Amsterdam UMC.


Lipid Tools has received funding for the realisation, certification and maintenance of the tools and website by LEEFH (Landelijke expertisecentrum erfelijksheidonderzoek familiare hart- en vaatziekten; www.leefh.nl), Sanofi and Daiichi Sankyo.


The following organizations and persons helped with the development of the tools available on this website:

  • Lifelines cohort study provided access to and approval for the use of the lipid data available in their study cohort
  • J.W. Balder and J.A. Kuivenhoven are the original authors on the studies investigating lipid reference values in the Netherlands and helped accessing the Lifelines data.
  • D. Collard helped developing the methods to aggregate lipid data from Lifelines